Repair & Replace

This is a service we offer to refresh and replace any elements of your jewellery you feel need some attention.

Our introduction of plated metal chain has been hugely successful but plated mixed metals will deteriorate faster than their semi-precious counterparts.

So if you would like your plated chain replacing for example all you need to do is send it back to us and we will freshen up your piece and recycle the old chain. 

We do charge a fee for this service and prices vary depend on the level of service required. 

How to initiate this service:

1, Use the 'Contact Us' form (or email us at to start the conversation detailing what you need. 

2, We will confirm the fee, provide an invoice for pre-payment and provide our address.

3, Pop the jewellery in an envelope and post it to us.  We recommend using a 'Signed For' service for insurance and peace of mind.

4, We will repair or replace what has been agreed and send it right back to you for free.

Any further questions please get in touch - we love to hear from you.