Our Story

Alison Fern Jewellery is a brand synonymous with thoughtful designs crafted carefully by hand.  We aim to stay true to our original idea of creating a mix of both classic and playful pieces with a fresh, modern twist.  We also pledge to act responsibly in order to not only bring joy to your everyday but making a positive impact while doing so.


Formally educated with a degree in Art History, Alison went on to work for TATE (gallery) for ten years before starting her brand.  London based, and in response to her growing urban experience, collections marry ideas of fragility and strength and move between delicate and bold. Inspiration is drawn from the everyday and nature and forms also often take shape from Alison’s love of art. 

The signature style is innovative and embraces contrast with a mix of metals, textures and unexpected materials.  More recent collections have drawn on Alison’s coastal upbringing in Suffolk, working closely with natural materials such as pearls, glass and precious stones.


The brand has a commitment to both quality and sustainability.  Each design is produced in small batches to minimise waste.  Materials are sourced from select  trusted suppliers with a transparent supply chain.  Pieces are also often created using repurposed materials from previous designs for a zero waste approach.  If a piece is discontinued before it sells out the jewellery is deconstructed in the studio and the elements are then a starting point for a new idea.  


The Brand is partnered with a charity called Recycle For Good Causes.  With each order you will receive a free-post label you can attach to an envelope filled with your old jewellery.  Funds generated from your recycling are then donated to the charity of your choice.