Launching a New Collection and Website for Spring 2024

Launching a New Collection and Website for Spring 2024

I have been wanting to re-design my website for a while but I knew it would be a huge undertaking and haven't felt I could give it the focus it would need.  Then I got pretty ill mid January and to help with the frustration of needing to sit still and rest I decided to use the opportunity to get stuck in.   

While I knew that in general, I wanted the site to look a lot cleaner, the most important thing functionality wise was I wanted to make the whole shopping and buying process as easy and seamless as possible.  This means being able to group pieces more and really showcase my designs.  I creatively swing between making classic pieces and being more experimental and creative and I wanted the customer experience to really enable shoppers to understand which pieces work well together and browse a particular material or style.  It's meant a lot more keywording and creating collections and edits but the groupings have always been in my head...I just now also have the website functionality to show my customers too!     

I really hope you enjoy browsing as much as I have enjoyed working on it.  If you have any feedback and would like to get in touch please email us at or use the contact form.  I love connecting with customers and given we all shop online so much now it's something I really value. 

Alison x 

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