Making sure your jewellery brings you long-lasting joy

Making sure your jewellery brings you long-lasting joy

To ensure your Alison Fern Jewellery keeps bringing you joy we are proud to offer a  repair service. 

It's part of our sustainable approach and is a way of refreshing your much loved jewellery and extending it's life span. 

The introduction of plated metal chain has been hugely successful but of course, it's a material that can degrade faster than other precious and semi-precious metals.  Given all of the details used to finish our pieces are either gold-fill or gold plated silver it's usually just the gold-plated metal chain that needs updating and replacing.  You can now get in touch naming the piece you would like refreshed and we can do that for you.  We also use our charity partner to recycle any unwanted and tarnished chain.  

A small fee applies to this service and is available on request.  Get in touch via the Contact form, we'd love to hear from you.

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